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13 Years After Matthew

October 27, 2011

How did a gay boy’s murder change people, communities and national policy? Why does this straight chick care?
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Where to Start a Nonprofit

October 18, 2011

If you can incorporate anywhere in the U.S., how do you choose a state? How does rural/urban status impact the choice? Help MizInfo build a checklist!

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Radical Accountability

October 17, 2011

We can feel warm and fuzzy about an organization’s mission, but how do we know that they’re doing well AND doing good? Read more…

Character Sketch: Nonprofit Maven

September 15, 2011

How can regular folks create outrageously creative community-building organizations? According to MizInfo’s big crush, Nonprofit Maven, we do it by learning. Read more…

Shovel for Democracy

November 21, 2010

How does snow-removal uphold the social contract? An open letter and apology to my fellow citizens. Read more…

MizInfo’s Top 3 Tips for Using Conflict Creatively

October 1, 2010

How can organizations and communities turn “so icky I want to puke” into “productive”?  A few ideas during National Mediation Month.  Read more…

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